Grade 10: Canadian History since World War I (Applied)


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Grade 10: Canadian History since World War I (Applied)

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A1.1 formulate different types of questions to guide investigations into issues, events, and/or developments in Canadian history since 1914
A1.2 select and organize relevant evidence and information on aspects of Canadian history since 1914 from a variety of primary and secondary sources
A1.3 assess the credibility of sources and information relevant to their investigations
A1.4 interpret and analyse evidence and information relevant to their investigations, using various tools, strategies, and approaches appropriate for historical inquiry
A1.5 use the concepts of historical thinking when analysing, evaluating evidence about and formulating conclusions and/or judgements regarding historical issues, events, and/or developments in Canada since 1914
A1.6 evaluate and synthesize their findings to formulate conclusions and/or make informed judgements or predictions about the issues, events, and/or developments they are investigating
A1.7 communicate their ideas, arguments, and conclusions using various formats and styles, as appropriate for the audience and purpose
A1.8 use accepted forms of documentation to acknowledge different types of sources
A1.9 use appropriate terminology when communicating the results of their investigations
C3.1 describe how some individuals, organizations, and symbols contributed to the development of identity, citizenship, and/or heritage in Canada during this period


5 x 75 minute classes


Shantelle Browning-Morgan


June, 2017


University of Windsor


These materials are available under a Creative Commons Non-Commerical Share-Alike 4.0 license.



“Grade 10: Canadian History since World War I (Applied),” Breaking the Colour Barrier, accessed May 18, 2024,

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