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On this page, you will find lesson plans to help you bring the story of Boomer Harding and the Chatham Coloured All-Stars into your classroom. These engaging, cross-curricular student activities are aligned with the following aspects of the Ontario Curriculum: the Ontario Curriculum Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6; the Ontario Curriculum History and Geography, Grades 7 and 8; the Ontario Curriculum Language, Grades 1 to 8; the Ontario Curriculum Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9 and 10 and Grades 11 and 12. Each grade or course begins with an overview of specific curriculum expectations. Following this overview, teacher background information is provided.

Mini Comic Teachers' Guide

As part of our Telling the Stories of Race and Sports in Canada project, we also commissioned cartoonist Scott Chantler to write a mini comic about the 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars. We also produced an accompanying Teachers' Guide to the comic which you can download here. You can purchase copies of this comic here.

Also available are Scott Chantler's 4 panel cartoon and our Chatham Coloured All-Stars baseball cards . All proceeds from the sale of these items go to support the excellent work of the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum.

Teachers and educators can also inquire about getting copies of these comics for free (quantities are limited) for their classes. Quantities are very limited. Please email hardingproject@uwindsor.ca for details.  

Curriculum Materials

These materials have an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Creative Commons license that allows you to share, publish, and use these materials in any format for any non-commercial purpose as long as Shantelle Browning-Morgan is listed as author.

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