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Polaris Recording Studio

Polaris Quad Eight Console Polaris Live Room Polaris Studio B Nuemann U87

Polaris Recording Studio is the oldest recording studio in the Windsor/Essex area. Started over 45 years ago by George Hellow, Polaris started off by recording many lesser-known artists during the Motown era. During the 1980s, George moved the studios location to a larger facility where it is still located today. Many years later as George was looking to retire, Cody Weldon attended the studio’s Protools certification course (which no longer exists) and eventually began working as an intern. Cody describes the studio that he walked into as a “time capsule” with shag carpeting on the floor and old tape machines in the control room. George passed away on December 17, 2014 and the studio was taken over by his son Joe Hellow. About two years ago Polaris re-opened it’s doors with a newly renovated inside and outside, with most of the old tape machines being taken out and the shag carpets being replaced with hardwood floors. In recent years Polaris has also recruited local artist, producer, and Joe’s cousin Richy Nix to act as manager of the studio.

Polaris runs not only as a recording studio, but also as a live sound company. The main genres of music that Polaris works with are Hiphop and RnB. Other genres that the studio has experience with are Fusion/Jazz, Gospel, Country, and even Rock/Metal. The day to day business at the studio is run by Richy Nix and Cody Weldon, with Joe running the live sound portion of the studio. Joe has been creating quite the reputation for himself in the live world by working with notable artists such as Big Shawn, Tyga, Miguel, and most recently Super Duper Kyle.

Polaris prides themselves as being a team based recording studio with multiple people all coming together to help make their clients dreams come true. With Joe, Richy, and Cody leading the team, there is also a group of employees and interns that help to produce the best quality product possible. Polaris is the only studio in this exhibit that runs out of a stand-alone facility and is the only studio in the area with a full 32 channel Quad Eight mixing console. Polaris has deep roots in this community and continues to help make local artists dreams come true.  

Polaris Recording Studio