Music Theatre

With the rise of television and the Internet, many people believed the performing arts would gradually become obsolete. Instead, the performing arts are continuing to attract new talent and expertise. But the question is, ‘Why is music theatre important in the community?’

  1. Self-discovery and expression: The theatre, dance and other performing arts help people of every age express themselves effectively and can be used as a tool for people with disabilities to communicate. Music theatre helps people to come out of their shell and bolster their confidence. In addition, theatre helps communities as a whole to learn about themselves. It can be used as a tool to educate people about the current conditions of the community.
  2. History and education: The performing arts are able to educate people on history through dance, theatre and song. Instead of reading about the past, the performing arts are able to visually recreate it.
  3. Creativity: The performing arts are about being creative; it is one of the aspects keeping the community alive. Without a creative voice, Windsor/Essex County would not be as lively today.

Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The antecedents in Europe can be traced back to the theatre of ancient Greece, where music and dance were included in stage comedies and tragedies during the 5th century BCE. The music from the ancient forms is lost; however, they still had a slight influence on later developments of musical theatre. 

Canadian Music Theatre has always suffered in the public eye in comparison to its larger, more affluent American counterpart. Canadian musicals were written to imitate the American form, which had roots in Viennese operetta, the comic operas of Offenbach and the American popular entertainments of vaudeville, burlesque and the minstrel show. Music Theatre is written to reflect situations in the outside world that is are difficult to teach. It reflects the different classes and helps to show everyone’s history.

Music Theatre in Windsor is supported by massive community dedicated to keeping the arts in a part of everyone’s lives. The theatres not only host multiple musical productions a year, but support many different genres to attract a variety of people to the Windsor musical communities. The different theatre companies vary in age requirements, but there is a spot for anyone who wants to be part of the show. Whether working lights or sound, helping with makeup and costumes, or being center stage, the Windsor music theatre community has a place for everyone.