City of Metal

Underground and Self-Sufficient


METAL. An all encompassing term crippled by over-association created by decades of experimentation and innovation driven by the single-minded goal of creating heavier music. Techniques that initially exist on the fringe of the genre eventually are assimilated into the mainstream, creating a plethora of genres unified by styles of instrumentation and an organized cacophony. Lyrical themes are often drawn from (but not limited to) individualism, rejection of the mainstream, gore, and (often) Satanism.

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY. Metal, throughout its storied history, has been driven by small, self-sufficient, local communities; seen throughout its evolution in the Bay Area Thrash Movement, The Florida Death Metal Scene, the rivalry between Norwegian Black Metal and Swedish Death Metal, and the rise of the "Pure American Metal" in Virginia.

THE METAL SCENE IN WINDSOR mimics the evolution of many other metal communities, being a tight-knit core group of both bands and followers. Eschewing a particular; or regional, style of metal, bands in Windsor play everything from power metal to post-metal (an amalgamation of black metal, alternative rock, and shoegaze). The community itself is almost entirely self-sufficient, funding their own shows, recordings, and distribution. The community also puts on bi-annual festivals showcasing both local and out of town bands, fostering a stronger sense of community running from Windsor all the way up to Toronto.

THIS EXHIBIT showcases some of the established bands that are extremely active within the community, as well as the only genre-specific recording studio in Windsor.

*Banner image credit: Downtown Windsor, Ont. perspective from the city's east end looking over a frozen portion of the Detroit River on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014. (DAN JANISSE/The Windsor Star)