Polish Music

Walking through Windsor, the sights and sounds of dozens of cultures become quickly apparent. A hub for multiculturalism, Windsor is home to many thriving communities united in, and embracing, their shared heritage. One which has engrained itself with great success is the Polish community.

Stretching back almost half a century, Polish immigrants have been coming to Windsor. As they came, they brought with them a culture which has been preserved to this day. A distinct part of that culture, is the folk music of Poland.

Even now, still performed in the native language, with dancers in traditional dress, Polish folk music has been passed down in its original authentic state from generation to generation, an heirloom from the motherland, uniting a community in song.

This exhibit will shine a light on this vibrant aspect of the culture, highlight the importance of the music in creating an identity so far from home, and investigate how a new generation of Windsorites of Polish descent experience the song of their homeland.