Electronic Music

The Cutting Edge  

 Where Does Musical Innovation Make Its Home? 

In any developed city, it is not hard for a visitor to the community to seek out and discover the place's own musical infrastructure. What’s most accessible might arguably be the realms of music that have been established by tradition; the city's own symphony can be unearthed with little inquiry, and the jazz scene always seems to present itself in it's own niche locations. However, the question remains; what of the music creating its own tradition now?

 Windsor's Electronic Music Scene not only bears a rich and influential history as an epicenter for techno music, but it is also making signifiant progress for emerging electronic artists and fans. With a close connection to the ever popular techno scene that was ignited in Detroit during the 1990's, Windsor has and continues to prove that this smaller city is also a hub for this cutting edge music. It was Windsor wherein many electronic music initiatives saw their inception, making it a key influence in the widespread popularity this style of music is beginning to experience. 

 Today, one can find this musical frontier making itself known in the Windsor scene through a number of festivals, or simply cultivating it's community connection when gathered at a venue. One thing is for certain, this sonic force and the people that make it a reality carry the virtue of resilience; tirelessly working to develop an ever stronger sense of connection and support that stretches to artists and fans alike.

Whether it is becoming enthralled in dancing to this music or being a creative entity for this unique art form, there is a certain power that attracts people into this growing community. This is one community that welcomes anyone who wants to take part in the love of music, which is why the electronic music collective continues to blossom in Windsor. 

 With such a diverse array of styles this music can take root in, there is something valuable for every listener to take away from Windsor’s Electronic Music landscape. This exhibit hopes to bring attention to the current state of the electronic music community in Windsor; from how it came to be, what innovations are being made now, and where it might be taken in the future. Take some time and discover some musical treasures you might not find anywhere else.


Aaron Gasparini Header Photo Courtesy of Coming Home Music Festival, Photo :Anthony Sheardown Photography