City of Hip Hop


Hip Hop in Windsor has been alive and kicking for quite some time. Although constantly overshadowed by the large hip hop output of Detroit and surrounding areas, Windsor’s community has remained unique and resilient. While using the larger neighbouring communities for influence and inspiration, Windsor has fostered some of southern Ontario’s most diverse, unique and brilliant artists.

FamilyUnlike other communities in the Windsor and Essex area, the hip hop community is dependent on family. While many shows and events may be age restricted, the community sees many more all-aged shows than others. Their largest events, such as the Windsor Hip Hop Festival and Street Help Fundraiser are advertised as family friendly events and employ many different tactics to appeal to the youth. After all, they are the future of the community.

ThriveThe community continues to thrive and grow, with each year seeing larger events and greater good given back to the community. Reoccuring events such as the Street Help Fundraiser and Windsor Hip Hop festival donate large portions of proceeeds back to the community.

Timeless. The hip hop community in Windsor spans many generations. Events such as the WindsorHip Hop awards present both past and present artists with accolades . At any local hip hop event, up to three generations can be in attendance. The hip hop scene is currently thriving, and relies on both the old and young to foster a growing community.