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City of Music


Choral music presents itself in many shapes and sizes. It is sung in an array of languages, styles, and by a variety of people. From small quartets to large concert choirs, all ensembles have one thing in common; all of its members are brought together by a love of choral music, and the desire to share this experience with other like-minded people. Choral music provides a creative outlet for its members and the community, and allows them to participate in a meaningful musical experience.

Choral music in Windsor is alive, and this can be seen by the vast number of choirs present in the Windsor-Essex community and their growing membership. Whether you are a parent looking for musical involvement for your child, an adolescent looking to explore music, an adult looking to unwind after a long day at work, or a retiree looking for a new hobby--there is an ensemble for you! The Windsor choral scene offers multigenerational engagement, as the love for song transcends age. Many choirs have members from 16 years old through to 60 years young and have formed their own special community. There are also choirs directed at different age groups giving them a specialized musical experience. Mirroring the melting pot that is Canada, the Windsor choral scene draws from a variety of cultural heritages to blend different ideas and traditions into a uniquely Windsor-Canadian experience.

The future of the choral scene is bright and unlimited, with the choral scene bigger and more involved now, that it has ever been. There has been a shift from individual choirs having a self-contained community of their own, toward a wider, all-encompassing community of all the choirs that operate in Windsor-Essex. Set in motion by the Windsor Choral Festival, the sense of community between the different choirs’ members is growing. Windsor Symphony Orchestra subscribers long to see more choral works with symphony orchestra accompaniment; especially those by Canadian composers. There is a shift from the European-based canon, towards finding a Canadian voice in choral repertoire. Several choirs have commissioned works by Canadian composers and more Canadian music is appearing on concert programs. A south-western Ontario choral voice is blossoming as new texts on the War in 1812 and the underground railroad are being found and set by Canadian composers; historical events that Windsor-Essex has played a part in. The choral community balances honour for its diverse heritage, while embracing our Canadian culture.

This exhibit shows some of what the Windsor choral community has to offer, its value, and encourages you to attend a choral concert, or get involved and join a choir! There are no audio or video clips in this exhibit since the nature of choral music is live performance best enjoyed in the moment.