Radio: Music's Backbone

Why radio?

Radio in Windsor has grown from a humble beginning to a major cultural institution. Radio brings communities together, as well as offering support to local music and the propagation of local music across a larger listener base. Often, jockeys from one radio station will collaborate with other stations and further create a community that not only listens to one station, but participates in almost all of the local stations regardless of listener ratings.

Though many people think of radio as a dying institution, it continues to have a large and lively impact on the dissemination of music, especially in Windsor. Without the support of radio stations local artists would have to rely on word of mouth and preexisting members of their community. Though those are both useful resources, neither of them have the reach of radio. Radio gives musicians access to a broad audience that would otherwise never hear their music. One that isn't only limited to, in this case, Windsor, but to cities as far away as the radio station's power will allow.

Dial in, and enjoy Windsor's musical landscape.