Country Music

Country in the City

For years, city slickers have been criticizing country music because of their preconceived notion towards the lyrics in country music and the country lifestyle that is much different from life in the city. But, Country Music over the years has been popularized and has made its way into the concrete jungle of Windsor and is thriving more than ever.

Country Music originated in Southern United States, but has had deep roots in Canadian culture as well. Like all successful music genres, Country music has evolved from the "traditional" style and now has many different sub genres and styles that attract a much larger audience than before. Because of this evolution, country music has become one of the most popular genres of music in Canada.

Country music is written and meant to be shared and must be relatable to its community. The genre's music and lyrics appeal to the working class and in Windsor, a city dominated by this constituency, this music has stimulated a strong country music community that shares these ideals and values.

Country Music in Windsor has enormous support, and the local venues host world renown performances quite frequently, a testament to Windsor's love and appreciation for this music. Country music has moved from county to the city and has decided to stay.

 This Exhibit will include information about most all the current country artists, groups, venues and media outlets that are contributing to the growing country music community in Windsor-Essex. Country music is very new to the city of Windsor and has very little history. However, it is alive and well now and plenty of room to continue to grow.