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This is the home of the Public History Digital Archive at the University of Windsor. It brings together thematically organized digitized archival materials from the archives of Leddy Library that capture part of the unique history of Windsor & Essex County. Students in the Public History course have also contributed their unique historical scholarship to tell the story of these collections.

Featured Exhibits

St. Johns Church Heritage Plaque Welcome! Ahead you will find a ‘genealogy’ of the St. John’s Anglican Church community. Specifically, the exhibit examines both the unique individuals who were connected to the church in the mid-19th century and the changing demographic trends within the broader church community over time.


Assumption College basketball playersEstablished in 1857 Assumption College has a storied history and has had a prominent presence in Windsor-Essex since its founding. The College was founded by the Society of Jesus following the growth of Our Lady of the Assumption parish in Sandwich and served as the only local post-secondary school in South-Western Ontario.


old news article about murder The Spracklin murder trials envoke a sense of infamy throughout the history of Windsor. It gives a window into the past, following the story of Leslie Spracklin, a man of the cloth, appointed licensed inspector to fight against the illegal alcohol trade.


old news article about murder 1963 was a significant year for people across the globe, and this was no exception for the University of Windsor. This was a year for the university that exemplified growth and development, both in regards to its student body and its physical campus.


old news article about murder Come take a look at a century's distinction of crime in Windsor-Essex! Starting in 1860, you will be guided through the decade highlighting the different crimes that occurred during this period. Then jump to the 1960 and find a snapshot of the crimes during that decade and experience the evolution of crime.