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Public History 497


This is the home of the Public History 497 Digital Archive at the University of Windsor. It brings together thematically organized digitized archival materials from the Leddy Library that capture part of the unique history of Windsor & Essex County. Students in the class have also contributed their unique historical scholarship to bring these items to life.


A Decade of Crime, A Century Apart


The 1860's


The 1960's









 Come take a look at a century's distinction of crime in Windsor-Essex! Starting in 1860, you will be guided through the decade highlighting the different crimes that occurred during this period. Then jump to the 1960 and find a snapshot of the crimes during that decade and experience the evolution of crime.

This exhibit is based upon the information gathered from two primary sources; the City of Windsor Return of Convictions from 1861-1904 and the Windsor Police Department Annual Reports from 1961-1970. The information is developed to highlight the changes that occurred in crime and police departments from 1860 to 1960, looking at the differences in crimes and police departments. The changes in a society have a big impact on the development of crime and policing in a country, or even specifically a city. This exhibit hopes to convey this connection through the information provided. 

Essex Scottish Regiment War Diaries - WWII


The Essex Scottish War Diaries of World War II are primary sources that account for the Essex Scottish regiment. This diary covers areas such as intelligence summaries, leisure, events, and sports.  

The Mayhew Diary

mayhew diary pics.jpg

& Excelsior Diaries throughout time


The Lance: A Window Into Student Life at the University of Windsor in 1963


A look into student life through the January, September and December 1963 issues of The Lance.