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St. John's Anglican Church Records

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A collection containing the written records of St. John's Anglican Church in Sandwich, Ontario from 1828 until 1915.

Spracklin Murder Trial


Spracklin Murder Trial Group Collection

Lillian Taylor Scrapbook


A personal scrapbook of Lillian Taylor's education and work experience as a nurse at Western University and in Windsor, Ontario

Alexander Bartlet Diary


Alexander Bartlet Diary Group Collection

Excelsior Diaries


An exploration of Excelsior diaries through time

A Decade of Crime, A Centruy Apart - 1860's & 1960's

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Come take a look at a century's distinction of crime in Windsor-Essex! Starting in 1860, you will be guided through the decade highlighting theā€¦

Contributors: Jennifer Day, Maria van Duinhoven, Brittany Ewing, Lamar Hanna