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Home workouts

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Using the scans from various Training Manuals that the Essex Scottish Regiment would have had access to in World War II, different workouts, games and physical activities are presented to try at home and with friends.

Physical Training Tables

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Without Apparatus and the instruction in REcreation Training Subjects

The 21st Essex Battalion of Infantry

The Essex Scottish Pipe Band
The Essex Scottish pipe band

The Battle

Dieppe Beaches
The Essex Scottish Regiment, along with other regiments and forces, went into Dieppe with planned objectives and predicted outcomes. Their objectives included destroying the shore and seizing the town of Dieppe, seizing the boats in the inner…

Attack and Defense, Unarmed Combat in Pictures

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This manual uses photos to help educate soldiers on hand to hand, weapon free combat. These skills were essential in warfare in self defense.

Appendix VI - Attack on Dieppe

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This appendix in the Essex Scottish Regiment War Diary is labeled as a secret document and details the attack on Dieppe that the regiment participated in.

Basic and Battle Physical Training Part IX: Boxing and Wrestling

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This booket procuded by, and for the Canadian Army was part of a series of training pamphlets that replaced the 1942 Physical Training series. In Part IX the basics of boxing and wrestling and their military uses, as well as recreational…