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  • Collection: Lillian Taylor Scrapbook

Inside cover of scrapbook.

Reads: "Victoria Hospital Training School - Sept 6/32 - Sept 14/35"
A small note underneath reads"8 days sick", presumably meaning that Lillian suffered eight sick days throughout her two year training period.

A small note in the bottom left…

Cover of Scrapbook

A black, worn-out, front cover of the scrapbook

Victoria Hospital pin

Victoria Hospital pin with "Lillian Reid '35" engraved on the back. Small, gold plated.

Essay on Lillian Taylor

An essay on Lillian Taylor written by students for class 63-487-02 for Dr. M. L. Drake.

Only the student numbers are provided on the title page; therefore, we do not know the names of the students who worked on the paper. It is only known that…

Advertisements in Nursing Yearbook.

Pages of black and white advertisement. Each one takes up about a quarter of a page.

Poems from the yearbook

Poem #1 - "The Men in White"
Poem #2 - "My Symphony"
Poem #3 - "We, Too, Shall Pass Away"
Poem #4 - "It Does!"
Poem #5 -"Nightingale Pledge"