New letters and a call for assistance

4 unrecorded letters between Antonio Agustín and Jerónimo Zurita (most likely from the Zurita manuscript correspondence at the Real Academia de la Historia) have just been added to the database. Although published since the 18th century in vol. 7 of Agustín's "Opera Omnia", they seem to have escaped the attention of modern scholars who have catalogued Agustín's correspondence.

Recent addition

Many thanks to Felipe Ruan of Brock University for bringing to my attention the letters between cosmographer, and one-time editor of the crown-sponsored project of the edition of Isidore of Seville's complete works, Juan López de Velasco and the Mexico-based humanist Francisco Cervantes de Salazar, which I have just incorporated into the database. Even though López de Velasco's correspondence remains virtually unpublished to this day, references to many of the dozen or so letters presented here can be found in María Portuondo's "Secret Science" (Chicago, 2009).

New Beginnings

I return to this blog after a two year-long expansion of the "Spanish Republic of Letters" database, which now includes the entire correspondence of Benito Arias Montano, complete with all the names of his friends, colleagues and contacts found in its pages; the letters to and from Spaniards of Latino Latini, Christophe Plantin, Hendrik Cock (see now the 2014 edition of the Paris manuscript by Antonio Sánchez González), Abraham Ortelius, Carolus Clusius (with the Huygen's Institute's current digital edition-in progress: http://clusiusc

Reassembling the Republic of Letters

Welcome to the Spanish Republic of Letters project blog. We've come a long way since November, when Guy Lazure, Dave Johnston and I decided that in the spirit of the Renaissance which we aimed to understand it was time to rebuild the SRL platform and relaunch. If you'd like to take a peak at what was before, follow this link. We've made great strides.