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Document Type Author Recipient Related Date Letter Origin Letter Destination Original Location Modern Edition Language Full Entry
Letter Giovanni Battista Doni Vicente Mariner
Roma Madrid Anton Francesco Gori, Jo. Baptistae Donii patricii florentini commercium... Latin view
Letter Giovanni Battista Doni Lucas Torrius
Roma Madrid Anton Francesco Gori, Jo. Baptistae Donii patricii florentini commercium... Latin view
Letter Giulio Rospigliosi Lorenzo Ramírez de Prado
1655-04-24 ?
Roma Madrid BUSal, ms. 1957, fol. 77 view
Letter Caspar Schoppe Juan de Fonseca y Figueroa
Roma Madrid BNE, ms. 5781, fol. 130 Latin view
Dedication Andrés Laguna Gonzalo Pérez
Roma Andrés Laguna, Annotationes in Dioscoridem, Lyon, 1554, p. 3-6 Latin view
Dedication Andrés Laguna Julius III
Roma Andrés Laguna, De articulari morbo commentarius, Roma, 1551, fols. 2-4r Latin view
Dedication Andrés Laguna Marino Spinello
Roma Andrés Laguna, Methodus cognoscendi, extirpadique excrescentes in vesicae collo carunculus, Roma, 1551, fols. 2-4 Latin view
Letter Giuseppe Castalio Piero Vettori
Roma Firenze Angelo Maria Bandini (ed.), Cl. Italorum et Germanorum epistolae ad Petrum... Latin view
Letter Napoleone Comitoli Federico Ranaldi
Roma Roma BAV, Reg. Lat. 2023, fol. 120r Italian view
Dedication Costantino Gaetano Philip III
Roma Costantino Gaetano, Sanctorum trium episcoporum religionis Benedictinae luminum, Isidori Hispalens., Ildefonsi Tolet., Gregorii card. Ost., vitae et actiones, Roma, 1606, fols. I-VIr Latin view
Letter Ambrosius von Gumppenberg Desiderius Erasmus
Roma Freiburg Burscher collection, Leipzig (lost) P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Oxford, 1941, vol.... Latin view