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Document Type Author Recipient Related Date Letter Origin Letter Destination Original Location Modern Edition Language Full Entry
Letter Jerónimo Zurita Miguel de Almazán
Madrid RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 246-247 Spanish view
Letter Jerónimo Zurita Miguel de Almazán
Córdoba RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 240-241 Spanish view
Letter Diego de Espinosa
Madrid BL, ms. Add. 28337, fol. 346 Juan López de Toro (ed.), Juan Cristóbal Calvete de Estrella. De Rebus Indicis... Spanish view
Letter Philip II Diego de Espinosa
KBS, ms. A 902, fols. 175-176 Baldomero Macías Rosendo, La Biblia Políglota de Amberes en la correspondencia... Spanish view
Letter Jerónimo Zurita Miguel de Almazán
Quer RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 248-249 Spanish view
Letter Jerónimo Zurita Miguel de Almazán
Valencia RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 244-245 Spanish view
Letter Diputados del Reino de Aragón Miguel de Almazán
Zaragoza Valladolid RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 418-419 Juan Francisco Andrés de Ustarroz - Diego José de Dormer, Progresos de la... Spanish view
Letter Jerónimo Zurita Miguel de Almazán
Zaragoza RAH, ms. 9/111, fols. 242-243 Spanish view
Letter Alvar Gómez de Castro Diego López de Horozco
Heras Guadalajara BNE, ms. 7896, fols. 419v-420r ; Alvar Gómez de Castro, Edyllia aliquot, sive poematia, Lyon, 1558, p. 5-6 María del Carmen Vaquero Serrano (ed.), "Los "Idilios" (1558) de... Latin view
Letter Desiderius Erasmus Tranquillus Andronicus
Leuven Paris Desiderius Erasmus, Farrago nova epistolarum, Basel, 1519, p. 62-64 P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Oxford, 1913, vol.... Latin view