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Document Type Author Recipient Related Date Letter Origin Letter Destination Original Location Modern Edition Language Full Entry
Letter Desiderius Erasmus Hermann von Neuenahr
1520-03-15 ?
Antwerpen Juan Luis Vives, Declamationes Syllanae quinque, Antwerpen, 1520, fol. Iv-IIr P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Oxford, 1922, vol.... Latin view
Letter Juan Luis Vives João III
Antwerpen Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, Coll. San Lourenço, vol. 1, fol. 19 A. Moreira de Sá, "Una carta inédita de Luis Vives para João III",... Latin view
Dedication Juan Luis Vives João de Barros
Antwerpen Juan Luis Vives, Excitationes animi in Deum, Antwerpen, 1535, fol. ? José Jiménez Delgado (ed.), Juan Luis Vives. Epistolario, Madrid, Editora... Latin view
Letter Johannes van Keerbergen Cristóbal de Aybar
Antwerpen Sevilla Archivo del Sacro Monte, leg. L, fol. 1247 Juan Martínez Ruiz, "Cartas de Thomas van Erpen (Thomas Erpenius) en un... Spanish view
Letter Christophe Plantin Louis del Río
Antwerpen Bruxelles ? Max Rooses, Correspondance de Christophe Plantin, Antwerpen, 1885, vol. 2, p.... French view
Letter André Schott Jakob Gretser
Antwerpen Ingolstadt Petrus Stevartius, Tomus singularis insignium auctorum, tam Graecorum, quam Latinorum, quos ex variis bibliothecis accersitos, Hanau, 1615, p. 14-16 Latin view
Letter Thomas Wilson William Cecil (Lord Burghley)
Antwerpen London Calendar of State Papers, Foreign: Elizabeth, London, 1880, vol. 11 (1575-1577... English view