The Shaping of The Big 8

The improvement of hardware, equipment, and facilities were instrumental for CKLW to provide better entertainment and broadcasting services to a wider population. However, the most important contribution to the radio station's success was a new broadcasting format that would later revolutionarize the whole industry. The invention of Boss Format initiated an opportunity for various radio stations to try out new methods to improve their ratings. The tight schedule brought by the Boss Format, new jingles playing method, the "Hot Clocks", the Hitlines, and the Big 30 charts and surveys were all key components in ushering CKLW to the Big 8's era. 

Furthermore, CKLW owed it's credit to a strong leadership by the key program directors. They  drilled the staff to adopt to the new format, while they were also mindful of listeners' taste and the audience's opinion. Under a dedicated broadcasting team, CKLW's DJs developed their fame, and subsequently, characterized and shaped the radio station's personality. They included Tom Shannon, Rosalie Trombley, Scott Regen, Dave Shafer, and more.