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Document Type Author Recipient Related Date Letter Origin Letter Destination Original Location Modern Edition Language Full Entry
Epistle Benito Arias Montano Francisco Arias de Bobadilla (Count of Puñonrostro)
Aracena Benito Arias Montano, In XXXI Davidis psalmos priores commentaria, Antwerpen, 1605, p. 300-302 María Asunción Sánchez Manzano (ed.), Benito Arias Montano. Comentarios a los... Latin view
Letter Alvar Gómez de Castro Francisco Turrillo
Toledo Alcalá de Henares BNE, ms. 8624, fols. 115v-116r ; BNE, ms. 13008, fols. 92v-93 María del Carmen Vaquero Serrano, "El P. Soto, los Castilla y Castellón (... Latin view
Letter Erycius Puteanus Vicente Mariner
Leuven Madrid Erycius Puteanus, Epistolarum selectarum apparatus miscellaneus et novus. Centuria secunda, Amsterdam, 1646, p. 3-4 Latin view
Letter Erycius Puteanus Vicente Mariner
Leuven Madrid Erycius Puteanus, Epistolarum selectarum apparatus miscellaneus et novus. Centuria prima, Amsterdam, 1646, p. 104-105 Latin view
Letter Francisco de Quevedo Vicente Mariner
Madrid Vicente Mariner, Iuliani Caesaris in regem solem ad Salustium panegyricus, Madrid, 1625, fol. ? Luis Astrana Marín (ed.), Epistolario completo de Francisco de Quevedo-Villegas... Latin view
Letter Giovanni Battista Doni Vicente Mariner
Roma Madrid Anton Francesco Gori, Jo. Baptistae Donii patricii florentini commercium... Latin view
Letter Baltasar Moscoso y Sandoval Vicente Mariner
Jaén BNE, ms. 6184, fol. 49 Muriel Elvira, "Semblanza de Vázquez Siruela a través de su... Spanish view
Letter Jean Matal Pedro Ximénez
Köln Köln Petrus Bertius (ed.), Illustrium et clarorum epistolae selectiores, superiore saeculo scriptae vel a Belgis vel ad Belgas, Leiden, 1617, p. 270-273 Latin view
Letter Johannes Rethius Pedro Ximénez
Köln Köln Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln, ms. 977, fol. 90r Latin view