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Document Type Author Recipient Related Date Letter Origin Letter Destination Original Location Modern Edition Language Full Entry
Dedication Juan Luis Vives Juan de Borja (Duke of Gandía)
Brugge Juan Luis, De officio mariti, Brugge, 1529, fols. ii-iii José Jiménez Delgado (ed.), Juan Luis Vives. Epistolario, Madrid, Editora... Latin view
Dedication Juan Luis Vives Francisco de Mendoza y Bobadilla
Brugge Juan Luis Vives, De ratione dicendi libri tres. De consolatione, Leuven, 1533, fol. ? Emilio Hidalgo-Serna - Ana Isabel Camacho (eds.), Juan Luis Vives, El arte... Latin view
Letter Robert de Scheilder Isaac Casaubon
Praha London BL, Burney 366, fol. 143r Paul Botley - Máté Vince (eds.), The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon in... Latin view