Key Witnesses

Report of Ernest Deslippe's death

Ernest Deslippe 

Ernest Deslippe was the key witness for the crown prosecutors during the trial. Deslippe was 30 years old, resided in Windsor and was acquaintances with Trumble There were varying stories as to his role in what caused the killing. Spracklin stated that Deslippe was said to be lying barely conscious outside of the Chappell House due to a fight. This is what cause Spracklin to stop and investigate the house and eventually shot Trumble. Deslippe on the other hand stated that he was fully awake and taking to Trumble when Spracklin arrived. Shortly into the trail Deslippe was hospitalized with pneumonia. It was stated that he was getting better as of February 22, 1921 but on February 23, 1921 it was reported that he died from the illness. His testimony that was written down before his death was read aloud in his place.  

Lulu Trumble 

Mrs. Lulu Tremble wife of Beverly Trumble was alongside her husband when Spracklin shot and ultimately killed him inside Chappell house, which they owned and ran. Her story of the events that took place, seem to change over the course of the trial. For example, she stated that she did not have a gun on her that night but later in the trial it came out that she did in fact have a gun and was holding said gun in an offensive position. Mrs. Trumble when called to the stand out the trial, it was easier for Spracklin to be named not guilty by the jury.

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