Students and their World

The time period examined in this exhibit was extremely eventful for the international community. The aftermath of the Great War would be felt across the globe. Many feared the rise of communism and facism, as well as the crumbling global economy. Another World War would take place which would cause another chian reaction of events. Depicted in this part of the exhibit is how the staff and students of Assumption College reacted to the changing world around them. These include opinion articles from the Inter-War years, recognition of local military servciemen, and surveys of Post-War attitudes.

Inter-War Years

World War Two Memory

The Post War Period

Following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Canadian Universities took it upon themselves to raise money for Hungarian refugees. This call to action suggests that Assumption students were very aware of their global surroundings.  

These exerpts also provide a window into the intensity of Cold War sentiments towards communism. These articles in the "Purple and White" appear to read as a warning for uneducated students. They discuss the history of communist thought, Karl Marx, and describe the aims of the communist party. They also point out different communist organizations and publications, presumably to steer other students clear of said groups. 

This was a survery completed by students in the aftermath of the Second World War.  It provides interesting insight on how the students felt about the war and what they felt was next for the international community.

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