Stories of Local Lives

Rather than simply indicating where members of St. John’s Anglican Church resided in the mid-19th century, Neatline has allowed for the visual illustration of the unique ways in which said members were connected to the church altogether.  The ability to map these connections is vital to the scope of this exhibit, as it is an examination of the individual characters who comprised the church records.  Furthermore, the colour coding feature allows for the representation of these unique characters in a more organized fashion.  For instance, if one were to click on the red points, they could read about the Westaway family, whereas clicking on the green points would provide information about the Fluett family. 

The following legend explains the colours of each family:

Red - Westaway Family 
Dark Green - Louis J. and Justine Fluett Family 
Light Green - Arabella Fluett and Cornelius Ashdown Family 
Pink - Akin Family 
Dark Blue - James and Mary Jessop Family 
Teal - George and Agnes Jessop Family 
Light Blue - Sarah Jessop Family 

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