Campus Life

Like many University and College students, those of Assumption College took part in many activities both Academic and Non-Academic.  Assummption had a variety of sports and clubs, and took part in all types of social events held in Windsor.  Many of those events took place in conjunction with Holy Names academy, since for many years Assumption was an all male college. Posted in this section are numerous examples of extra-cirriculars in which Assumption College students were involved in.  


Sports coverage dominated almost every issue of "Purple and White", making it quite evident that sport was a significant part of campus life at the college. Assumption had many teams, including baseball, basketball, hockey, waterpolo, swimming, football, and boxing. Team schedules were included in publications, showing that team spirit was quite high at Assumption College. It was very common for schools from both the United States and the surrounding regions to compete with Windsor teams. 

Social Events


For decades, extra curricular clubs have been offered on university campuses as a way for like-minded students to come together under one shared interest. As shown in these exerpts, each club had its own agendas, field trips and inititives. These articles give us a glimpse into what these clubs had to offer Assumption Students.

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