Assumption College Purple and White

Established in 1857 Assumption College has a storied history and has had a prominent presence in Windsor-Essex since its founding. The College was founded by the Society of Jesus following the growth of Our Lady of the Assumption parish in Sandwich and served as the only local post-secondary school in South-Western Ontario. The Jesuits left within a year and by 1870 the Congregation of St. Basil began administering the college as they continue to do. In 1919 Assumption began an affiliation with Western University until 1953 when the Ontario Legislature granted Assumption full University powers.

The 1950s were a period of substantial growth for Assumption. Women were granted admission in 1950 and the demand for post-secondary education continued to increase. Assumption remained an independent institution until December 1963 when Assumption, Canterbury College, Holy Redeemer College, Iona College and the University of Windsor reached an affiliation agreement. As of 2015 Assumptio University is the only school federated with the University of Windsor.  

Through digitized publications of the school newspaper, “Purple and White”, our exhibit aims to share the experience of Assumption students from 1924-1959. It is interesting to note how much has changed, and yet how much remains the same. We look at academics, school events and extra curricular clubs that shaped student life on campus. We also turn our attention to the international stage, to see how students perceived the inter-war years, World War Two, and the Suez Crisis. 

Please visit the Assumption College Purple & White Archive for the most complete full-text coverage of this publication,

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