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City of Music

Who is Music Therapy?

Licensed Regional Music Therapists

Windsor Essex hosts a handful of professional music therapist who have each gone on to make great strides within the field. Serving clients from Windsor all the way to Toronto, and everywhere in between, the reach of these important people is vast, but the effects that their treatments have on their clients are even greater. Unlike the licensed music therapists who staff the centres highlighted by this exhibit, these regional therapists are able to serve clients who may not have access a centre within a reasonable range or whose debilitations might have left them virtually immobilized.

These therapists operate through smaller, mobile services and are able to reach clients wherever they may be (i.e. hospitals or schools). One such example is Inspired Sounds Music Therapy, operated by Accredited Music Therapist Candice Gardiner who services Windsor and Essex County. These professionals change lives with the services they provide and, because of this, represent an invaluable member of the community.


Inspired Sounds