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Whole Note Music Therapy Services



The youth programs at Whole Note Music Therapy Services are geared towards children and youth (12 months -17 years of age), with a number of offerings that provide unique experiences that are more suitable for different age groups.

Makin' Music & Creative Kids!

Makin' Music is a curriculum designed for pre-schoolers with special needs, and their siblings, where the focus is on having fun through basic music building activities and exercises. Likewise, the Creative Kids! curriculum features similar activites but is targetted towards older kids between the ages of 7 and 12. Both programs are short, small group sessions that provide opportunities for the children to develop increased communication skills, social awareness, and self-expression.

School Programs

The Whole Note Music Therapy Services school programs offer students individual or group music therapy sessions. In concert with the students' principals, teachers, and support staff  these programs facilitate learning and further development within their unique Individual Education Plans (or IEPs), targeting and reinforcing their specific goal areas.

All sessions are led by a professional music therapist who monitors and documents each students' progress, compiling a report to be submitted as part of their Ontario Student Record.

Private Sessions

Each private session is an individualized program that is crafted in partnership with the parents and families of each child in order to meet their specific needs. Lessons can either be conducted in the home of the student or one of the partnering facilities, providing options for a learning environment in which the child would feel most comfortable and confident.


Like the youth programs, the adult programs offer a number of experiences that meet the varying needs of the participants with activities that are better suited for persons 18 years of age and older.


Meet-Up is a camp for adults with disabilities that offers an oportunity to participate in small group-focused activities that create a sense of community. The research-based curriculum is designed to facilitate participants with a wide range of disabilities and challenges, providing them with the chance to build confidence by taking on leadership roles and express themselves artistically.

Among enjoying themselves, strengthening communication skills through peer-interaction is 

Private Individual or Small Group Sessions

Private program plans are designed to cater to the individual strengths and needs of the participants. In-home options are available to those seeking individual sessions while small group sessions are run at either of the participating music therapy facilities.


Flexible Programs

Whole Note Music Therapy Services offers flexible programs for seniors living with Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other degenerative diseases or disorders. These programs are designed to help patients meet various physical, pyschological, social, and educational goals in the hopes of lifting their spirits and improving their overall heath and quality of life. Through singing and the playing of instruments, participants are stimulated through the use of cognitive skills and exercise mobility by physically engaging with the musc. Alternatively, in sessions where listening to music is the primary activity, partipants often experience imporved pain control, physical comfort, and relaxation.

Therapy Express

Therapy Express Summer Camps are concentrated programs for children and youth (12 months - 17 years of age) that aim to offer a more casual musical therapy experience than the year-round programs that are available through Whole Note Music Therapy Services. By condensing the program to one week, children are able to experience longer sessions with a variety of exciting activities which are scheduled daily to maximize engagement. Additionally, having severaly sessions in succession makes it easier for the children to develop relationships as well as a sense of community that help them to better integrate and acclimate to the learning environment.