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City of Music

Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services

A Historic Landmark

Original Maryvale Building

Maryvale began its journey to becoming the mental health treatment and rehabilitation centre upon which so many family in the community rely in 1929 when it was established by five Sisters of the Roman Catholic Order of the Good Shepherd. At that time it served as a residential service for girls who found themselves in social and spiritual need, the first of its kind in Ontario. This historic landmark would undergo several evolutions over the following centuries, expanding to include a program for boys in 1984, and eventually a program which responds to children and teens in crisis in 1993; one which more accurately portrays how the centre is run today.

Now, Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services provides day classes and evening programs to youth and their families who are struggling with mental illness and emotional or psychological distress. Among the treatements made available to enrollees is music therapy, which is performed both in individual sessions as well as in the company of their family members. This servess to treat and offer relief to all who may be hurting from the affects of mental illness and emotinal distress.