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Private Instructors

Private Instructors

PRIVATE INSTRUCTORS are one of the most common forms of music education in the world. Students are able to work with a teacher individually and gain a significant amount of instruction on a particular instrument and/or genre. Since this is typically one-on-one instruction, the teacher is better able to gauge the student’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust what needs to be taught accordingly. They can also find new methods of teaching that might work better for a particular student, resulting in a more positive learning experience.

IN WINDSOR, there is no shortage of able-minded instructors. One tool that is extremely beneficial for finding a suitable teacher is Simply enter your location along with the instrument you wish to learn and the online directory will find all teachers within a certain radius of your location. Music stores such as Long & McQuade and Cardinal Music also offer private lessons. With the countless number of instructors available, sometimes, one of the easiest ways to find a teacher is to just ask; whether a relative or a friend, finding someone willing and able to teach music is not a difficult task in Windsor.


 Interview with an Insturctor

Amanda Hanson

Private Instructor - Amanda Hanson

I teach: Piano, Brass instruments

Student ages: 4-18

Typical lesson: My typical piano lesson is 30 minutes long, starting with technique for 5-10 minutes and spending the remaining time working on applying these skills to their repertoire. Most weeks I make time for a bit of theory at the end of the lesson. For brass, I prefer to teach by the hour so we still have a nice chunk of time for instruction after they warm up. However, I follow pretty much the same plan, with some added breathing, embouchure, and articulation exercises.

My musical background: I started learning piano at nine and had weekly private lessons until I was 17. Achieved my RCM Grade 8 and I am currently an organist at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. I started trumpet at school in Grade 5. Never took lessons outside of school but I was a member of a few different community bands as I got older. It was never really a question whether or not I would go into music, but in high school I considered pit band playing (and realized it would be hard to make a career out of this alone) and music therapy as career options. I was never against going into performance, but came to realize how much I love teaching while I was still in high school through a band tutor program in Grades 11 and 12. To date, I have played in the pit for three community musicals, two on trumpet and one on piano. I am currently in my fourth year of BMus [a Bachelor of Music degree] for trumpet.

Additional comments: I love teaching. It used to really make me nervous when I would receive a student I wasn’t really sure how to teach because of attitude, concentration, skill, etc. This hasn’t actually changed, although I now embrace the nervousness and do my best to improvise with the student. Everyone learns differently, and it is my goal to learn how to teach every kind of thinker. Not every day is a breakthrough day. There will be a lot of days where you feel like you’re just not getting through to the student. But the days that I do, the days I see their faces light up, the days they unknowingly regurgitate their own analogies of the concept at hand, when they truly get it, those are the days I live for.

Private Instructors