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Music Mondays

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MUSIC MONDAY is the single largest event in the world that is dedicated to raising the awareness for music education. Every year, on the first Monday of May, students, teachers, and members of the community take part in a nationwide performance of a single song, written by a Canadian composer. This program was created not only to raise awareness for music education, but to help unify the various musical communities throughout Canada. Although different people may have different styles of music, or their own unique sound, everyone can get together and unite in song for at least one, very large performance.

IN WINDSOR specifically, Music Monday has been getting bigger every year. In 2013, it was common for each school to individually partake in Music Monday of their own accord, whether it was on the school grounds or in the gymnasium. However, the arts consultant for the GECDSB, Mike Lilley, decided he wanted something bigger; why not bring all the schools in Windsor together to celebrate instead? With a program so focused on uniting the community, wouldn’t it make sense to unite the school communities as well? The end result was a huge gathering at the Riverside Festival Plaza and the birth of “Massive Music Monday.” Not only did various schools show up, but members of the community and even Windsor Symphony Orchestra music director Robert Franz attended the event, commenting on how the school board was doing the right thing in developing the artistic minds of students in the classroom.

MASSIVE MUSIC MONDAY was a huge contribution from the GECDSB, towards the Coalition for Music Education’s program, and helped to gather musical communities in Windsor together. This is a perfect example of how the different groups involved help each other towards a common goal, and support each other to further music education in Windsor.