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Coalition for Music Education

Coalition for Music Education

Coalition for Music Ed. logo

Coalition for Music Education logo

THE COALITION for Music Education has played a big part in the growth of music teaching and learning, not only in Windsor, but all across Canada. They are an organization dedicated to advocating for quality music programs within Canadian schools, as well as providing a means for the community to gather and share in their ideals. The importance of music education in the Windsor area was clear, and as a result, it was not difficult for this organization to gain support from the surrounding communities. This also gives people in Windsor the chance to spread their musical knowledge and grow their own communities; as music education grows, so too, do the communities. Some of the programs that help facilitate this growth include Music Mondays, Youth4Music, and Champions for Music Education, as well as creating the Principals of Music and NUFSICISUM awards.

“We believe that music is key in learning and in life and it is our goal to see that all children have a quality program in music through their schools.” – Coalition for Music Education

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Coalition for Music Education