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City of Music

In the Community

In the Community

IN WINDSOR, the communities are not independent of one another; they intermingle, learn from each other, and even help support one another, especially when it comes to a shared love for music. The Windsor community as a whole has a long history of enabling the success of music and music education, allowing it to grow through various festivals, initiatives and other events. A few examples include;



The Church where the Downtown Music Initiative gives lesson once a week

The Downtown Music Initiative (DMI) – A community program run by volunteer musicians that offers free music lessons to people from low income families. In the past, there have been concerts to help raise money and support the Downtown Music Initiative, as well as joint performances by the DMI and Windsor Symphony Orchestra. This organization is concerned with making sure that any person in Windsor, regardless of their income, should have the opportunity to learn about music.

Mackenzie Hall

Mackenzie Hall - Where most of the Folk Arts activities take place

The Windsor Folk Music and Arts Society – A community run initiative that features folk music, as well as other folk arts, events and activities, all in the Windsor region. They have a regular concert season, as well as hosting “Acoustic Stages;” a concert held once a month featuring 8 different acoustic performers. This initiative is focused on bringing folk arts (including music) into the public eye, and spreading knowledge about older traditions. For a place as culturally diverse as Windsor, history also has an important place in education.

Drum and Bugle Corp

Windsor's Drum and Bugle Corp

The Diplomats Drum and Bugle Corps – This is a non-profit music organization that provides free dance and music education to youths ages 8 to 22. Although this organization is fairly new, being established in 2012, it quickly gained support and now routinely performs at various events and festivals. When it comes to free music education, Windsor communities are quick to offer their support and help further the cause; in return, they have a new group of performers and musical knowledge continues to be passed on to new communities.