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City of Music

Chrysler Theatre

Chrysler Theatre Stage

Curtain Call at the Chrysler Theatre


The Chrysler theatre is a beautiful 1200 seat theatre that is owned run by the St. Clair College and hosts local theatre productions, orchestras and smaller concerts that aren't yet big enough for the Colosseum.

Over the past few years they have brought in a lot of Canadian Country acts to Windsor and have had great success with these shows. The theatre is wonderful to the community because it gives the students of St. Clair College an opportunity to work alongside amazing artists, prepping them for a job in production after they graduate. And it also revitalizes the musical community, this is because of its ability to bring in smaller names from every genre that may not yet be world renown, yet. An example would be over the last two years the Chrysler Theatre has hosted two Juno Award Nominated and one award winning artists.

There’s always something for everyone at The Chrysler Theatre!