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The Bull & Barrel

Bull & Barrel Jake Maurer Concert

One of Windsor's most popular bars is The Bull & Barrel. This is Windsor's only country bar and come weekends and or on wednesday nights when they have their specials, you will most likely see a line outside the bar that runs around the block.

This Country themed bar is very new and opened its doors in January of 2013. The Bull & Barrel most often has a DJ that plays top 40 country music, however they also host live bands and bring in artists very frequently. The acts they bring in range from local artists, to smaller touring acts from both Canada and the United States. This has included "Edens Edge", "Love and Theft" and "Dallas Smith".

For many local groups bars such as this are necessary, considering its the only bar of its kind in the area. It's a great venue and the perfect place for local artists to earn their start.