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Border City Relations

Ambassador Bridge

Living in a border city, you can't ignore the neighbouring city's influence. Sometimes this can be a positive influence, other times it can be negative.

Let's begin by looking at the positives first, we can't ignore the amazing talent that comes out from the United States of America, so being in a border city allows a terrific ease of access that the American artists have to us. Windsor has a large Country community and we are often the first stop on the Canadian leg of the tour for huge artists, which means we can host some amazing artists. Also, being so close to the border allows a lot of Canadian artists a much cheaper alternative to travel to cities like L.A or Nashville for recording or other outlets.

Unfortunately, there are negative aspects of being on a border city. Because of the larger radio market and population of the United States, Windsor get's a lot of american radio stations. Radio stations have a huge influence on listeners and often times listeners tend to enjoy the types of music they hear most frequently. So, our city follows a lot of musical trends that the Americans have set without us even knowing. Windsor has had an amazing country station for years and that get's overlooked at times because of it's smaller funding than the american stations. There are easily twice as many american stations that can be heard from Windsor as well that don't play any CANCON (Canadian Content), so Canadian Country Artists get overlooked as well.


Border City Relations