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Windsor Choral Festival

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The mass choir singing This Is My Home by Bob Buckley at the 2017 Windsor Choral Festival.

The Windsor Choral Festival brings together choirs from across Windsor and Essex each year to sing, learn, and celebrate the Windsor choral scene. Choral singers of all abilities are invited to participate in workshops directed by guest clinicians. The presence of guest clinicians each year breathes new life into the choral scene by introducing fresh ideas to choristers and musical directors alike. The workshops provide hands-on educational experiences, which are invaluable for singers that do not receive ongoing training. The festival ends with a choir concert that features performances by participating choirs. This allows the choirs to join and interact with one another in a non-competitive atmosphere and fosters a sense of community. The grand finale of the night features all participating choirs on-stage singing a choral work by a Canadian composer to celebrate our country and unity through song. Since 2012, under the direction of Dr. Joel Tranquilla, the Windsor Classic Chorale has organized the Windsor Choral Festival. The Windsor Choral Festival has grown each year and promises to continue to grow and create an all-encompassing choral community in Windsor-Essex.

The objectives of the Windsor Choral Festival as laid out by the Windsor Classic Chorale are as follows:

1) Provide workshops for ongoing vocal training and education free of charge

2) Promote community building through collaborative singing, and

3) Encourage the creation and performance of contemporary Canadian choral works, and honour Canadian choral music.







Windsor Choral Festival