Monograph Publishing

What we provide

The Leddy Library provides software, support and hosting services for academic journals, monographs, and conferences that manage the process from submission to publication. If you're starting or moving a journal or book series or running a conference and want provide access to and preserve that content let us know!


Our monograph publishing platform can be hosted through our Digital Commons repository, Scholarship at UWindsor or Open Monograph Press. These platforms provide users with a workflow management and publishing platform whose look and feel can be tailored for your needs.The system manages users, submissions, peer review, emails and notifications, publication, and indexing for discovery.

Print on Demand & Digital Versions

We can help you with the production of Print on Demand publication of books through Amazon's Createspace service allowing readers to easily find and purchase print copies of the work. For digital copies, we can go beyond PDFs by making sure you digital book is readable on all ebook platforms.

Open Access

The library seeks to promote open access to scholarship. As such we seek to provide open access to all digital works published with the Centre for Digital Scholarship along with the application of an appropriate Creative Commons License

Traning and Setup

The Leddy Library will work with organizers to initially setup your journal/monograph/conference in OJS/OMP/Scholarship and can even help with the process of moving previous publications online. We also will help to train managers and organizers to use our software so that they can ultimately manage their publications on their own.

Secure Hosting

The Digital Common Platform is secure and built for the long term with multiple backup servers as well as regular devlieries of all content that can be maintained locally.

Get Started!

UWindsor faculty and staff interested in our conference publishing system can get started by contacting Mita Williams ( or contact your library liasion.